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“Summer Burn” is the name of our summer dance program.   It includes a series of dance camps and classes for students at all levels. Dancers looking to stay in shape or sample other genres should check out evening classes. Younger dancers looking to gain exposure to a variety of dance styles should definitely check out our fusion camps. Serious students can choose the ballet or contemporary intensives targeted at the junior, intermediate and advance levels.  

FUN CAMPS:  These fun filled camps are ideal for the student who wants to 1) gain exposure to multiple dance styles and 2) have fun!! These camps are specifically designed to introduce hip hop, contemporary, modern and ballet.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE “FUN FAIRY ADVENTURE” CAMPS FOR OUR YOUNGEST DANCERS AND OUR KIDS FUSION DANCE CAMP   FOR OUR YOUNG EXPLORERS. 

Performance Team Developmental Camps:   These camps are specifically targeted for students wanting to participate on our award winning performance teams.  Our program has earned countless awards for excellence in choreography and our students routinely earn personal scholarships and honors.  The training for this starts in the summer.  These camps focus on technical development and choreography.   We also identify our group and soloist. 

Ballet Intensives: The continued rise of travel and lodging for summer camps can really challenge a budget.   If you are a serious ballet dancer looking for a technically challenging summer intensive but may not want to pay the high costs associated with intensives outside the area then our intensives are worth consideration.   We offer both vocational and junior ballet  level intensives.

Our intensives provide quality exposure in areas such as partnering, variations, technical and artistry training.  Students also receive training in modern, contemporary,  strength and conditioning.  Plus we provide an touch on academics such anatomy and notation.

Contemporary Intensives:  Our contemporary intensive provides a similar focus as the ballet intensive but with a deeper concentration on contemporary concepts.  The contemporary intensive focuses on a deeper dive into technical improvement and the latest combinations.   A strong technical foundation is strongly encouraged.  The primary intent of the camp is to push the boundaries of basic technique.    

Technical/Dance Classes: Throughout the summer we hold special summer classes in both day and evening format.   Monday through Thursday we will vocational level ballet technical classes from 1-4pm.   Tuesday through Thursday we will hold additional genre classes from 5 to 8 pm.   These classes include: Open level jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. 

  Summer Burn is presented by the Royal Dance Academy; the areas only proven international dance education program.  Contact the Royal Dance at 678-926-3373

SUMMER BURN: Come feel the heat of dance